Electronic Medical Record System

Aquifer.EMR is one of the only EMR applications designed from the ground up as a native web-based, browser-hosted application. It is designed for physician practices of any size, from the smallest solo practice to the largest, multi-facility enterprise practice.

Aquifer.Rx TM
Prescriptions and Medications Management

Aquifer.Rx offers completely integrated web prescriptions and patient medications management for physician practices. Powered by a comprehensive drug database (regularly updated) with powerful searching capabilities. Provides detailed monographs, prescription entry forms pre-loaded with strength, route, and form options, prescription generation, and patient medication tracking.

Aquifer.OE/RR TM
Order Entry/Result Reporting

Aquifer.OE/RR is one of the only order entry/result reporting products available designed from the ground up as a web-based, browser-hosted application. It offers an impressive range and scope of features and has great implementational flexibility. Aquifer.OE/RR was designed to be aware of and intelligently interface with other healthcare software. Thus, it can reside at the hub of your enterprise, but can also sit at the periphery providing supplemental services.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments can be scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled by anyone given the rights to do so, including patients themselves. Office staff can view aggregate schedule of all physicians in a group, and easily manage office traffic.