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  • Full-featured web-based EMR with electronic appointment book
  • Scalable to any size of practice from the smallest solo practice to the largest, multi-facility enterprise practice
  • Interfaces with practice management and billing systems
      • Zero startup cost / zero implementation time. As soon as you are registered, you are ready to use the system. Because Aquifer.EMR is a web based system, there is nothing you need to install on your computer(s).
      • The complete vocabulary of CPT and ICD codes is included.
      • Customizable templates for complaints, patient histories, ROS, exams and more. Default exams and diagnoses can automatically be associated with complaints to greatly enhance speed of entry.
      • Affordable, subscription based pricing.

    What benefits does Aquifer.EMR offer over paper charts?

    Key Features (Click on the desired bullet for more information)

      • The EMR can be accessed securely anytime, anywhere from any computer with an Internet connection
      • No software needs to be installed or maintained on your computer(s)
      • No complex server computers need to be installed and maintained at your site.
    Patient Management
      • A wide variety of patient demographic and financial information can be entered
      • Search for patients by demographic or clinical factors
      • Multiple patient charts can be open simultaneously in the same session.
      • Can handle miscellaneous information in any MIME format, including word processed documents (e.g. from Microsoft Word), pictures, audio, and video
    Clinical Documentation
  • Clinical documentation in accordance with CMS documentation guidelines
  • Narratives can be entered for Chief Complaint (CC), History of Present Illness (HPI), Past, Family & Social History (PFSH), Review of System (ROS), Examination, Treatment, Patient Instruction and Prognosis.
  • Customizable templates are available for all narratives to facilitate consistent, organized reports and speed of entry.
  • Default exams & diagnoses can be associated with chief complaints, which greatly enhances the speed of entry of progress notes
  • Height, weight, vitals, allergies, blood type, chronic diagnoses (i.e. problem list) and ob/gyn information can be tracked
  • A clinical summary/problem list is automatically generated for each patient
  • The full dictionary of CPT and ICD codes, descriptions, and common alternate descriptions are included.
  • Can handle miscellaneous information in any MIME format, including word processed documents (e.g. from Microsoft Word), pictures, audio, and video
  • Comprehensive progress notes can be viewed and printed
  • Follow-up appointment instructions and referrals can be established
  • Appointment Scheduling/Management (Aquifer.AppointmentBook)
  • Each physician has a personal schedule of availability and standard appointment length
  • Appointments can be scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled by any user given the rights to do so, including patients
  • Physicians can view their appointment book for any day. Patient charts can be loaded with a single click from the appointment book
  • Appointments can be made with a particular physician, or any physician that is available from a group
  • Office staff can view aggregate schedule of all physicians in a group, and easily manage office traffic
  • Fully integrates with all applications based on the Aquifer framework, including Aquifer.Rx & Aquifer.OE/RR (both included)
      • Prescribe and manage medications using a comprehensive medical database with online monographs and interaction checking
      • Place orders (e.g. lab, radiology) & view results
      • Note: optional electronic integration requires participating ancillary service provider in your area, otherwise prescription/requisition sheets can be printed
    HIPAA compliant
    Designed from the ground up with HIPAA compliance in mind
    All users require authentication through individual ID's and passwords
    Each user is given a specific authorization profile and role which governs what information is presented, what departments and patients they have access to, and what actions are available to them
    All transactions and user activity are audited in an independent audit trail
    Server access is authenticated with digital certificates and secured behind a firewall. All Internet communications are secured with 128 bit SSL encryption. 
    Charge Capture
    Charges from each visit are automatically captured 
    Proper visit coding is automatically performed based on visit documentation and the length of the visit. Try the Outpatient Visit Coding Tool now!
    Seamlessly integrates with HL7-compliant practice management software.
    Clinical, Management & Executive Reporting
  • A powerful built in reporting engine allows complex ad-hoc reports, where patient populations can be defined from rules and compared against other populations or over time. A multitude of variables, including those related to patient clinicals, patient care, medications, diagnoses, allergies, mortality, and financial information, can be utilized.
  • Customized formal reports can be developed with Crystal Reports
  • Secure patient-access portal
  • Patients can access their appointments, personal information, clinical information, and all of their results with an Internet connection
  • Information is automatically hyperlinked to corresponding public resources like, so they can educate themselves and ask their physician informed questions
  • Physicians can be sent private and secure messages