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Mobile Gateway

Provide new mobile services on top of your existing information systems

Under most hospital information systems, data is held prisoner. The only 'keys' available to get to it are complex applications which must be installed on client computers directly on the hospital network. This is fine from the point of view of security, but very bad from the point of view of mobility. And increasingly, both the quality and economics of healthcare depend on the ubiquitous, yet secure, availability of clinical data.

Solventus' Aquifer™-based products can free your data, while protecting it with sophisticated authentication, authorization, and encryption. Aquifer has a built in HL7 engine that allows communication with existing HL7-based hospital systems. Through this engine, Aquifer can act as a secure two-way gateway between existing information systems and a wide variety of devices, including handhelds, tablet PC's, and pagers. Currently, the following functionality is supported:

  • Order Entry/Result Reporting (see Aquifer.OE/RR)
  • Appointment Book (see Aquifer.AppointmentBook)
  • Clinical Alerts
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Medication Management
  • Charge Capture
  • Financial Reports
  • Management Reports


Solventus offers services tailored to healthcare enterprises, such as custom software development and consulting. For more information, see the Services page.