Comprehensive Pain Management Services, Inc.


Information About Treatments

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Epidural Steroid Injections are spinal injections of steroid medication.  They are often helpful for back pain and referred leg pain.
Facet blocks are injections of anesthetic into the joints connecting the vertebrae. 
Spinal Cord Stimulators are permanently implanted medical devices that block nerve pain using electrical impulses. 
Intrathecal Pain Pumps are implanted medical devices which release a controlled amount of pain-relieving medication into the cerebrospinal fluid.
Radiofrequency Ablation is a technique which uses radio waves to generate heat in a very small area to target and destroy painful nerve tissue.
Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty are treatments for pain associated with compression fractures. Vertebral bones are stabilized by adding a bone cement to fractured areas. 
Percutaneous diskectomy is a procedure to decompress the disk and reduce the pressure on a painful and inflamed nerve.
EMG (electromyogram) and NCT (nerve conduction test) are diagnostic tests of nerve and muscle function.